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NEX Market Listing Services

NEX is a regulated market for the trading of shares in Unlisted Companies.

It allows companies who list on it to raise equity by issuing shares to investors who can then trade them on the "Bulletin Board" operated by the Brokers who "make the Market".

Additionally, a NEX Listing can assist companies with mergers and acquisitions, as their shares can be exchanged for those of the Vendor Company, instead of using cash to acquire the shares.

Amberley Advisory is an Approved Corporate Adviser to the
NEX Exchange and provides a diverse mix of services for companies either contemplating listing or already listed on the NEX Exchange:

Pre-Listing Advice

a) Preparing the business for the Initial Public Offering (IPO)
b) Choosing appropriate brokers
c) Pre-Listing “health check”

Project management of the Listing process

With Amberley Advisory as your Approved Corporate Adviser, we will act as sponsors, co-ordinating all aspects of the IPO, including liaison with the NEX Regulatory Team and all other company advisers ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

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