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Services to the Venture Capital / Private Equity Market

Amberley Advisory provides specialist and often unique advice in the following areas:-

Establishment of VC/Private Equity Funds/Schemes

a) Project management of the set up process, including the production of feasibility studies
b) Identification of suitably qualified fund management firms and overseeing the procurement process
c) Evaluation of fund managers' track records and projected future perfomance
d) Commercial contract negotiations

Assistance to Fund Managers

a) Identifying investors
b) Structuring funds, including regulatory, taxation and accounting issues
c) Commercial contract negotiations

Evaluation of fundsí historic performances

Valuation of VC and Private Equity portfolios

Valuation of individual equity positions

Assisting businesses seeking VC or equity finance

a) Production of Business Plans
b) Selection of appropriate VC or equity funds
c) Commercial contact negotiations

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